Returning to the Office: The Future of Our Workplaces

Date: 10:30-11:30 am, June 26th, 2020
Guest: Cindy Coleman and Rachelle Schoessler Lynn of Gensler
Location: Complimentary Webinar

Many of us have worked from home since mid-March and experienced the highs and lows of distributed work. As we focus on the future, we are all curious about what might be that next, “new normal.”

In this session, workplace experts Rachelle Schoessler Lynn and Cindy Coleman of Gensler will join Brendon Schrader of Antenna to discuss the impact COVID-19 is having on the future of work. They will share key findings from Gensler’s Workplace Research and address what might be the new “why” we come to work. What is the “job” of tomorrow’s work environment? How should organizations think about office culture when some employees are working remotely, and others are on site?

Gensler will answer these questions, and more, during a one-hour webinar on Friday, June 26th at 10:30am. Please RSVP today to secure your spot.

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