Understanding and Addressing Impostor Syndrome: How to Feel as Bright and Capable as They Think You Are

Date: Postponed. Future date coming soon.
Guest: Dr. Valerie Young
Location: Carlson School of Management, Minneapolis (map)

An internationally known speaker on impostor syndrome, Dr. Valerie Young has devoted her career to understanding women’s most deeply held beliefs about themselves and their success. In her decades of in-the-trenches research, she has uncovered the often surprising reasons why so many accomplished professionals experience this crushing self-doubt.

"It’s only because they like me. I was in the right place at the right time. I just work harder than the others. I don’t deserve this. It’s just a matter of time before I am found out. Someone must have made a terrible mistake."

Impostor syndrome impacts men and women alike. In this session you will learn to take ownership of your success, overcome self-doubt, and banish the thought patterns that undermine your ability to feel — and act — as bright and capable as others already know you are.