19: Dr. Arleigh Reynolds | Creating a Career of Passion, Purpose and Impact

Every single one of us aspires to build a career ignited by passion, driven by purpose, and ultimately, one that leaves an impact on our world.

Dr. Arleigh Reynolds is a World Champion Sled Dog Racer, Professor, Veterinarian, Senior Scientist and Director of the One Health Initiative at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Throughout his life, Arleigh has made career decisions that followed a combination of passion and purpose. At the center of his life’s work has been a unique relationship with an unusual group of close friends – his dogs.

Early in his career, Arleigh saw an opportunity to meld his passion for endurance sports and his love for veterinary medicine. The result has been a 30-year career that has led him to become a world renown expert in his field and three-time world champion. Arleigh may now be embarking on the most important journey of his career – working on the future of global health and the One Health Initiative.

In this episode, Arleigh and I discuss what his dogs taught him about trust and leadership, how he makes purpose driven career decisions and why all of us have a critical role to play in creating a healthy planet, in a post-pandemic world.

Take a listen to my wide-ranging conversation with Dr. Arleigh Reynolds.

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