15: Jeff Wald | The Rise of the On-Demand Workforce

As the professional gig economy has grown, millions of well-qualified Americans are now attracted to contract work. The on-demand workforce is stronger and more sophisticated than ever before. This workforce, along with advances in technology, has pushed our corporations, our governments and our society to reconsider what the future of jobs and work may look like.

Jeff Wald is the Co-Founder of WorkMarket, an enterprise software platform that enables companies to manage the on-demand workforce. His experience building WorkMarket turned into a deep interest in the future of work, and in turn, spurred Jeff to take both a historical and data driven approach to understanding what this future may mean for all of us.

In this episode, Jeff clears up some common misconceptions about the on-demand workforce, shares how technology will disrupt our jobs, and provides some ideas on why the future of work is brighter, better and in some cases, further out, than many of us may think. Take a listen to my conversation with Jeff Wald.