12: Pat Petitti | How Corporations Can Leverage an Agile Workforce

A recent CEO study found that 75% of business leaders are concerned about whether they will have the talent they need for the future. As businesses look to protect their workforce, they will still face the challenge of skill gaps within the organization. How can companies adopt new ways of thinking as they build the workforce of the future?

Pat Petitti is the co-founder of Catalant, a software platform designed to help companies get mission critical work done, faster. Catalant’s technology, along with an expert marketplace of over 60,000 world-class independent consultants, is designed to manage work differently, while engaging the right talent at the right time.

In this episode, I talk to Pat about the rapid pace of change facing organizations, how an agile workforce can drive innovation and the best piece of advice he received from one of his early investors, entrepreneur Mark Cuban.