06: Cali Williams Yost | Finding Your Work-Life Fit

Work-life balance sounds reasonable enough. But what does it really mean on the job? Can it work for employees and employers alike? Is balance even possible in our always-on culture? These questions aren’t new to my guest, who’s spent two decades exploring flexibility in the workplace. Cali Williams Yost is a change strategist, researcher, speaker and founder of the Flex+Strategy Group, which helps leaders build cultures that attract the right people, improve business, and increase employee happiness. She’s the author of Tweak It: Make What Matters to You Happen Every Day, and the critically-acclaimed, Work+Life: Finding the Fit That’s Right for You.

In this episode, Cali talks with us about the future of remote work, how greater flexibility improves performance on the job, and finding your personal work-life fit. Have a listen to our conversation.